Here are some fun gifts that you can make for your kids! (The doll pillow and quilt were patterns I made up; so I couldn’t link tutorials for those two) Felt Cookies: …


12 thoughts on “DIY GIFTS FOR KIDS”
  1. I loved this video.i really enjoy quilting and sewing but seeing all these girly ideas has made me want a girl even more, we have 2 boys 2 and under 😊here's hoping for a girl next for the bonnet and place food 😁

  2. What great ideas! I really enjoy making felt and fabric sets for the kids, and the best part: they love it, and it's great to take on trips, it fits in any bag, and it's quiet! ideal for when one of the brothers is studying or sleeping. Thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness I love 💕 all of the adorable things you've made!! My question is how do you find time to sew with kids? I'm a grandma training three young grandsons 2,4,6yrs old and I NEVER get to see or quilt anymore. I'm seriously asking for advices. I have NO help with my babies, I love them dearly but grammie NEEDS some sanity. Aka sewing/quilting time!! I am a Christian so the Lord gets me through, because of covid and maybe being in California I don't get may help from Church IDK why it seems my church doesn't pull together and help I am looking dor a new church home and family ba he of that. I'm not saying anything bad about my current Church is just a HUGE church and I feel lost in the shuffle. Thank you for any advice and God bless!!

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