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By the end of 2018 we had approximately 5 musical jewellery boxes in our collection but we were extremely keen to build on this. So throughout this year we have added many more styles of girls jewellery box to our range from bunnies to pets and just this week we added the TOP Model jewellery boxes to our collection.

Top Model is a high quality brand which design and create beautiful children’s accessories which focus on the latest trends and styles. The TOP Model collection of gifts is perfect for mini fashion enthusiasts aged 7-12. All items in the range feature at least one famous Top Model character such as Blonde haired candy, brunette Christy or Hayden and even their cute and adorable bulldog puppy. You can purchase Top Model gifts in luxury accessories such as colouring books, jewellery boxes, beauty sets, purses, writing sets and more.

The new Top Model jewellery boxes fit perfectly into our girls jewellery box range as they offer something a little different to the ones we currently have. We also love the fact they are aimed at slightly older children compared to the Floss & Rock ones. The beautiful boxes come in a variety of sizes and prices which means that whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find a stunning jewellery box in our range. Each jewellery box has amazing attention to detail and the illustrations on the outside and inside are incredible. You can choose from light up jewellery boxes which feature 14 LED lights that twinkle around the mirror when opened or one of the musical jewellery boxes that plays songs such as Gorgeous & The Greatest when opened. Finally these new jewellery boxes can also be opened using a 4 digit code which is pretty cool and more unusual than a padlock and key. 

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