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Grab the cushions off the sofa and give kids a blanket, and you can be sure that they will use their imaginations to make a den, fortress or tent and have a whale of a time. Here they will create a fantasy world and pretend play in their own little space.  Knowing what fun kids can have with a set of cushions and a blanket, it’s no surprise that pop up play tents are some of the most popular toys around!

They are a great toy and as their name suggests, they can be popped up anywhere – in the playroom, a kid’s bedroom, the garden or even taken down to the beach.

No matter that it’s only a piece of fabric between them and the outside world, the pop up tent is a place of imagination and fun. Kids create little fantasy worlds all of their own where anything is possible! There are so many themes available, from knight and princess to fairy and pirate, and even dinosaur and unicorn ones.

We were very interested to find out why kids love pop up tents so much, so we set up a whole range of tents one summer’s afternoon and invited a group of 3 and 4 year olds to have a play. We listened intently as they engrossed themselves in their own fantasy worlds and afterwards asked them all about their play experience. This is what they told us:

“I was a scary dinosaur”

” I had a teddy bears picnic inside with my dollies”

” I played being unicorns with my friend”

“The fairy tent was the best. We pretended to be fairies, flying in the garden and hiding from the wicked witch”

” We went searching for dinosaurs, and ran back to the tent when they started chasing us”

” I pretend to have a sleep with Ollie”

Hearing all the different responses and watching how the children played so differently inside, really got me thinking. There’s so much scope in pop up play tents and kids really do use their imaginations when inside.

If you’re looking for a great present for a child then look no further than a pop up play tent. It will be a gift that will be played with time and time again and will inspire countless hours of fun and imaginative play.


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