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A question that is often up for debate is, What age should children have mobile phones?

Many people ask this question and it’s a really difficult one to answer. Children mature at different ages, and therefore it actually becomes a question of responsibility.

Something to think about when deciding whether or not to let your child have a mobile phone is are they responsible enough to look after it, not lose it and use it appropriately. With this in mind the first mobile phones tend to be cheap pay as you go phones or hand me down phones. If they are responsible enough to look after them, keep them safe and stick to the rules, then the next phone can be more expensive and based on a contract.

To help kids look after their phones novelty mobile phone holders and screen cleaners are great little accessories. The dusty pups screen cleaners are so cute that all our family and friends now have them in different animal designs. They also make fantastic Christmas and birthday presents for kids.

Although many of us face the dilemma of when to allow kids to have mobile phones, it is safe to say we are all becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of kids having them.

The main reason for kids having mobiles phones is safety. Mobile phones mean that kids can call home easily and quickly if a problem arises. Mobile phones also allow you to keep in touch with your kids when they are out and about. This encourages them to become more independent, but also gives parents piece of mind knowing both you and them can keep in touch.

Life is made so much easier when kids have mobile phones especially when plans or arrangements change. Kids can simply just ring or drop you a text to let you know the changes and this will prevent parents from worrying.

If your child has a smart phone the benefits are endless. With so many apps to download children can use them to learn and read books. This style of mobile phone is also great for keeping kids occupied as they can play games or listen to music.

The issues facing parents as to when kids should have mobile phones is a very complex one. Please let us know your views in the comments below…

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