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We all want to that first day at school to be memorable. We want kids to remember that “first day” photograph for years to come. We want to see  children beaming from ear to ear and them super excited about their first day. However it is important to remember that children have mixed emotions when starting school for the first time. Whilst for some, starting school is fun and exciting, others find it a little daunting. On that very first day, children fear different things such as who will I play with, will I like my teacher but lots of children tend to find lunchtimes one of the more difficult things to cope with.

So if you have a feeling that your child will struggle at lunch time then why not take a look at a few of our helpful tips – these have been created specially for those children who will take a packed lunch, so that the lunch time experience runs as smoothly as possible.

Choosing the right kid’s lunch box or school lunch bag for your little one is very important. Girls’ lunch boxes should have gorgeous, brightly coloured designs, whereas boys’ lunch boxes should be fun and super cool.

When choosing school lunch boxes for children perhaps the most important thing to consider is whether the child can open it themselves. A well designed kid’s lunch box is one that they can open easily.

Kids’ lunch boxes should also be lightweight and easy to carry. Make sure you find one with a carrying handle or shoulder strap.

It’s also very important that the lunch box you choose can be easily cleaned.

Choose kids’ lunch boxes and lunch bags that have a velcro strap so that a kid’s drink bottle can be held firmly in place. It’s also very important to choose a non leak able kid’s drink bottle or drinks carton. Your child will be distraught if they come to open their school lunch box and are faced with soggy sandwiches.

At what 2 buy 4 kids, we recommend Stephen Joseph school lunch boxes and Bobble Art lunch boxes. They have lots of brilliant features making them perfect for young children to take to school.

We realise that there are so many fabulous lunch boxes on the market, so if you have a special type that you would highly recommend, then please let us know in the comments below.

Choosing a handy lunch box for your kids to take to school is one way to make the lunch time experience more enjoyable, there are also a couple of other ways you can make lunch times a little easier. These ideas include writing a little note and placing it inside the lunch box and not giving children too much food to eat.

Children often miss you, the parents, most at lunchtime – so adding a little note with a short message is great tip. Remember to keep the note short and sweet as many children are just learning to read. You could even draw a little picture and just add “Love Mummy” or “Big Hugs and Kisses, Daddy.” When your child opens up their lunch bag they’ll be delighted to see the little message from you.

The latter point, regarding the amount of food, is very important as you must make sure you don’t over face a young child when they start school by putting too much food into their lunch box. Children only get approximately half an hour to eat their lunch, so if your child is a slower eater then think carefully about how much lunch to put inside their lunch box. Many children become very upset when their fellow class mates go out to play and they are left on their own struggling through a mountain of sandwiches.

Kids love finger foods and bite size portions, so consider this when putting their lunch together. Sandwiches cut into quarters are easy for children to eat, as are sticks of carrots, peppers, celery and cucumber. Fruit cut into bite size chunks are easier to eat than a whole apple for example and not as time consuming!

Here at What 2 Buy 4 Kids we try to provide you with lots of wonderful ideas for kids but we realise that we don’t know everything. Please let us know if you have any tips and ideas and please feel free to share any stories about your child’s lunch box experiences too.

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