This video features my top 10 gifts to sew for kids! #sewingforkids #sewsollclothes #sewing I love featuring viewer makes! To be featured, send you pics to …


44 thoughts on “Top 10 Gifts to Sew for Kids”
  1. My favorite baby gift is an Angel blanket for bringing the baby home from the hospital. It is a baby weight fleece blanket in a pastel with white satin wings appliqués on it. Time consuming to make, but a real Wow present for a by shower for a special person.

  2. Another awesome video, thank you! I made my grandson a couple of the Butterick 5510 dress shirts a few months ago, they were adorable on him. Have also made the Geranium dress, love that pattern.

  3. Most of my Littles have Littles and some of those are about ready to start a new generation.. I do have young people in my life who grow up and have children and I would enjoy giving them nice things that I can afford.

  4. Kim what a wonderful video! Thank you for all your recommendations. I have started to do more sewing my 6 grandkids and have been delighted with the result and their reactions. I can't wait to do more sewing for them and you have given me some wonderful ideas! Thank you!

  5. Love this video. So useful! I love the Ellie and Mac Transformer jacket and have made for kids and adults. I have done a full vlog about it. Please look it up and you can see how it turned out for adults too!!

  6. I made the stuffy ball for my 2 year old granddaughter and she LOVE it. She is busy putting her animals in and out all the time 🙂 . She feels so important doing a good job. Then we zip it up and she can sit and rest hahaha

  7. Great gifts Kim. My grandson loves his game day tees and my granddaughters love a swishy dress. I’m finally able to visit them it’s such a joy 🥰🥰🥰xxx

  8. I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon your video .Your lovely voice and for sharing your 10 patterns.Ive see in the past but not much.Do I’ll say I’m a beginner.I love all the grandchildren patterns you post.And will like to join your Facebook group for more help with sewing Bless you Snd your Family

  9. Do you have a favorite knit dress pattern? My little wants to wear dresses and gravitates to knits I’ve purchased. She’s getting so tall now they’ve turned into tunics on her. She doesn’t seem to like the twirly skirts. In watching her play and flit from thing to thing, it’s just too much fabric that gets in the way. Also, do you have suggestions on a good knit fabric wise that holds up without continuing to shrink. Thanks!

  10. Love the video & info re the patterns you use. For my granddaughter Izzy, as a toddler I used New Look 6578. More recently, New Look 6205 & most used New Look 6504 which I have made loads of and made them reversible – so easy.

  11. My mother is Dorothy, so I too am a Dorothy's daughter- and she taught me how to sew! I also have a six-pack of grandkids, similar ages to yours, but mine are all girls. I'm glad I found your channel. I like the variety of sewing related content you share. 😀

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