Cute Kids Cry Tears Of Joy for New Puppy Surprise Compilation Watch more funny and cute Videos …


38 thoughts on “Cute Kids Cry Tears Of Joy for New Puppy Surprise Gift Compilation 🎁🐶”
  1. Okay so I've been asking for a dog for my whole childhood and threwout high school, I graduated this year a few weeks ago and my mother is moving us too Orlando florida this summer I think or before fall and she promised I could get a dog of my choice when we moved! Were moving in I guess with a man that my mom has fallen in love with ,we get our own rooms and I'm both happy for the move and excited too meet my bf who will be 5 hours cool loser too me and being able to pick out any door of my choice from anywhere nearby of my choosing and I couldn't be more excited for the future to come already!!. I've been watching these videos for many many years and cried cause of how happy the kids are and cause I couldn't have one . but now I will be able to get a puppy of my choosing ,or maybe a surprise one . my mom knows I love cane corsos ,I hope her and him get me one . that will be the ultimate gift to me

  2. Man you can't help the happyness that you cry when you have a dog in your dreams I'm so close of getting a dog😘🤗😊 I will maybe cry when I get it I need hope tho cuz idk if they are selling the dog I want

  3. This is very sweet but seriously it would be better for the dogs if all you parents would have told your kids not to scream and yell when they open the box. It’s a complete Schock for a puppy to stay in a dark box even just for seconds and then be welcomed be screaming and yelling children for several minutes..

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