Today I am sharing 25 different toys which kids will love!! These gifts are for both boys and girls and range from puzzles to coding robots! I would love for you to …


28 thoughts on “25 KIDS GIFT IDEAS | BOYS & GIRLS FAVOURITE TOYS | Kerry Whelpdale”
  1. Hey Kerry, hope you are well good evening love this 25 different girls and boys favourite gifts ideas video. There is so many different types of gifts ideas that you give to the kids a mixture of girls and boys to have for presents for Christmas or a birthday gift to make the mixture of kids girls and boys more happy and excited to be enjoy playing with all of the toys and accessories that you been buying and looking into the gifts what the girls and the boys like to play with toys and some the kids boys and girls favourite games everyday of the week at home. This is a lovely great selection of variety types of toys and games kids to play and enjoy always together and each other all the time. All the toys games activities and accessories that you bought for the kids girls and boys were all my favourite products and gifts for a special, favourite and lovely occasions to give to the kids so they enjoy playing and having fun with all of their toys games and activities each week. I love all of your kids boys and girls toys so much because the toys and activities look fun and lovely to play with a group of children at home in the week. You have given me lots of inspiration of Christmas and gifts birthday present ideas for me to consider having fun and enjoy all of my birthday and Christmas presents that I will be getting all of my birthday presents so much from my family in December which I looking forward to my birthday. Can we see more what I eat in a day groceries hauls day in the life morning and evening night routines cleaning motivation clean with me extreme cleaning get it all done with me back to school lunch ideas routines 25 gifts ideas to men and women recipes food hacks ideas Christmas hauls come shop with me clothing hauls Poundland tkmaxx the works homesense home bargains Ikea and b and m hauls videos Christmas food hacks and Christmas prep with me videos. Can I also hear your reply about thoughts about my comment and tell me what is the name of the new video which is coming on Sunday morning please. Take care stay safe and well. Have a lovely wonderful safe week. See you on Sunday with a new video this weekend as well.😊🎈🎉🦋🌺🌸🌹🎂🌻👸⭐️🌈🌷🌼🇹🇷🐝☀️💐🦒🦜🐣🥀🎍🎃🥭😀🦓💕👸🌻⭐️🌈🌷🌸🌺⭐️🎂🎉🎈🦋🌷🌼🇹🇷🐝☀️💐

  2. Really helpful video! I'm really trying to figure out what to get my daughter for Christmas this year!! She'll be 11 months old and I know babies don't really need gifts for the holiday but it'll be nice to get a few bits for her anyway x

  3. Some lovely ideas thank you Kerry! Love the sound of that audio box you mentioned. My girls are 5 and 3.. 5 year old wants a Hatchimals Pixie Flyer (a fairy that flys) and my three year old keeps laughing at the pooping flamingo in the smyths catalogue! Also thinking of getting them a CD boombox with some CDs and microphone and some disco lights so they can have a little rave for themselves! it's going to be a mad house this christmas with all that stuff happening 😂

  4. Really helpful, especially for all us non parents gifting the little people in our lives!
    Now, more importantly, where is that fab jumper you're wearing from…so I can gift myself! 😬

  5. Thank you Kerry! Did you put ‘new rug’ on your Christmas wish list? 😂 really enjoyed watching, though my LO is just 18 months old I still love seeing what other parents get, I feel more up to date with the trends ❤️

  6. Loved this video. I’m going to look at Tonie’s Audio Box for my grandson who has just turned 4. I bought him a Kids Knex Dinosaur kit for his birthday which he loves. Thanks for sharing Kerry 😃👍

  7. Great gift ideas. My girls are both teenagers now and just want money or clothes, it's not the same now. I used to love when they still believed in the magic of Santa, those were the days.

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