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Crafting is a great way to help children build a variety of skills, from dexterity to problem-solving. Playfoam® is an ideal crafting medium because it’s child-friendly, never dries out and can be used over and over again. Here are 10 reasons to get crafty with Playfoam. Grab a few pods and spend your next crafting session helping your child build these skills.

10 reasons to get crafty with Playfoam

1. Fine motor skills

Pinching, scooping, squeezing, pressing, and rolling Playfoam helps your kids build the fine motor skills and manual dexterity they need in order to button their shirts, hold a crayon, and eat with a fork.

2. Hand-eye coordination

Crafting generally requires the use of both hands, working in tandem, building bilateral and hand eye coordination.

3. Shape, colour, and texture identification

Get crafty with Playfoam Shape & Learn Letter Sounds

Crafting provides hands-on experience with different shapes, colours, and textures – press your Playfoam into a square or make a rainbow with multiple colours! Older kids can squish the Playfoam into letters and numbers or even sculpt their names.

4. Vocabulary skills

Get crafty with Playfoam and boost your child's social skills

Talk to your kids while you craft together. What are they making? What colours are they using? How does the Playfoam feel in their fingers? All that chit chat introduces new words and provides exposure to the overall flow of language.

5. Risk-free exploration

Experimenting with different shapes, colours, structures, and techniques during craft time is a great way to encourage your kids to try new things with no risk of failure or judgement.

6. Problem-solving

What shapes do you need to make a Playfoam snowman? Should they be the same size? Which shape goes on the bottom and which on the top? Figuring out what needs to happen in order to craft the creation kids envision helps builds strategic thinking skills.

8. Self-expression

Crafting with Playfoam is great for preschoolers

Crafting allows kids to express their feelings even when they don’t have the experience to identify them or the words to communicate them. Look closely at your child’s creations, including their choice of colours, and ask them about what you’re seeing.

9. Confidence and self-esteem

The feedback kids get when creating arts and crafts is a definite confidence booster. Compliment everything from the effort your child put into their masterpiece to their choice of colours and unique construction.

10.  Crafting reduce stress

Squish, squash, and shape, and get crafty with Playfoam from Learning Resources

Arts and crafts are proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety in both adults and children. Squeezing, pressing, pulling, and flattening sensory-soothing Playfoam – particularly when your kids are feeling overstimulated – can be especially relaxing.

Find more fun Playfoam craft ideas to try at home or in the classroom. Shop our wide range of Playfoam here to get squishing, squashing, and crafting.

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