Party Fun made “Funner” with FOAMO™

It’s all about spending time together, laughing and having a great time. So, take whatever you might usually do and whatever games you might normally play, and add foam to the mix to make your spring and summer truly memorable.  

Your own yard will become the hottest party spot in the neighborhood. It will be the place to be! Wherever the FOAMO™ Foam Machine is, that’s where the action and excitement is, too. It works on its own and is amazing, stand-alone entertainment, or it enhances any activity you can think of! There’s just so much more to do when you add FOAMO™ to the mix.

Instead of Marco Polo in a pool, try Marco FOAMO™ in your yard! How much better is hide and seek when there is foam?  Singing and dancing and putting on a show in foam?  Why not?  If you have a rope, tire, or any kind of swing, imagine gliding through a mountain of foam! Bring out the foam and take it to the next level.

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